Segment : Structural and Heat Exchangers

JIS ASTM Minimum Thickness to width Capability (mm) Thickness Range (mm)
ASTM 588 GE A/B 3.15/900 5/1250 3.15 & Above
JIS 3114 490 BW 3.15/900 5/1250 3.15 & Above
JIS -G3125 SPA 1/900 1 mm in CR form 2.5 mm in HR 900 T0 1250



Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel

Structural and Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is a mechanism that transfers heat from one fluid to another. Heat exchangers are used for both cooling and heating. The fluids might be separated by a solid wall to avoid mixing, or they could be in direct touch. They are widely employed in space heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning, as well as in power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical facilities, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.