Segment : LPG Cylinders

For Oil and Gas Transpotations
GRADES Minimum Thickness to width Capability (mm) Thickness Range (mm)
API 5L X-42 4/900 4/1250 4 & Above
API 5L X-46 4/900 5/1250 4 & Above
API 5L X-52/60/65 5/900 6/1250 5 & Above
API 5L X-70 5/900 6/1250 5 & Above


Compressed Gas Cylinders, LPG Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers Cylinder.

LPG Cylinders

The commonly used material for the manufacturing of LPG cylinders is steel. But the steel is heavier and has got some safety problems. In addition to this, the steel progressively corrodes.

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