Segment : Shipping and Industrial Application

Grades BIS ASTM Minimum Thickness to width Capability (mm) Thickness Range (mm)
IS1570 SAE 1035/1040 5/900 8/1250 5 & Above
EN-18, SAE 1055 3.5/900 5/1250 3.5 & Above
EN-19, EN-24 SAE 1060 4/900 6/1250 4 & Above



Chains for Ship Anchor, Slings

Chains for Ship Anchor, Slings

Steel has been used in shipbuilding for over 150 years due to its outstanding mechanical qualities and inexpensive cost. Mild steel with 0.15 percent to 0.23 percent carbon and a relatively high manganese content is utilised to create the hull of a ship.

Sulphur and phosphorus content in mild steel is kept to a minimal (less than 0.05 percent) since greater levels of each impair the steel’s welding characteristics. Steels with a high tensile strength Steels with greater strength than mild steel are used in the most stressed areas of big tankers, cargo ships, and bulk carriers.