Our Facilities Include

Uttam Value Steel’s steel melting shop efficiently works in receiving Hot Metal (HM) from iron-making plants and converts it to various grades of steel. They are then cast into slabs, blooms, billets, beam blanks, and other products. Our ladle furnaces boost the temperature of molten metal and change its chemical composition. Continuous casting furnaces, hot rolling mills, and cold rolling mills are among our other facilities.

Uttam Value Steels Limited - Wardha - PLants & Equipment


Capacity One million MT HR Products
  • The melt shop has 2 X 60 tonne Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), with 40 MVA Power transformer & three electrodes each having 550 mm diameter.
  • The EAF is designed to take metallic charges ranging from 100% scrap to 100% DRI and liquid metals (Hot Metal) in suitable combination with DRI.
  • STEEL FROM SCRAP ROUTE: The scrap is charged by bottom discharge scrap bucket whilst the DRI is charged continuously through the EAF water cooled roof.
  • STEEL FROM LIQUID METAL ROUTE : The Liquid Metal (Hot Metal) pour into the furnace with the help of Launder and DRI is charged by bottom discharge scrap bucket and also continuously through the EAF water cooled roof.
  • DRI ensures that lump element contamination is of no concern. Nitrogen levels at tapping are also low.
  • Latest O2 Enhanced Melting (Jetboxes) from PTI, USA installed Sep, 2005.


Heart of Quality

  • Each LF (inline with the EAF) has a transformer rating of 20MVA
  • Argon bubbling porous plug in the bottom of the ladle ensuring an accelerated reaction between steel and synthetic slag & faster separation of the oxide inclusions in the steel
  • The stirring motion, combined with the heating from the LF electrodes, ensures EAF has temperature homogeneity and accurate superheat levels
  • Ferro alloy additions, together with on-line chemical analysis from the spectrometer, guarantee accurate chemical composition of the steel

CONTINUOUS CASTING PLANT- 2 Strands Capacity 1,200,000 MT

  • Supplied by Mannesman & Lloyds
  • Ladle shroud between ladle and tundish to prevent oxidation.
  • Continuous tundish temperature measurement, & automatic SEN changer
  • Argon injection systems in ladle shroud and SEN
  • Air mist secondary cooling to ensure optimum cooling parameters for the applicable grades
  • Both the continuous casting machines are equipped with Auto Mould level Control.
  • Casting speed of up to 1.3 m/min
  • Slab Thickness 210 mm & Size range of 750-1270 mm

HOT ROLLING MILL - Steckel Capacity 780,000 MT

  • 150 T/hr. walking beam slab reheating furnace, with latest upgraded Controls
  • 4-High Reversing Roughing Mill and Vertical Edger
  • 4-High Reversing Finishing Mill with Steckel Furnaces - United Engg
  • Automatic Gauge Control, work roll bending in the finishing mill to give the strip a better profile and gauge
  • Programmable Laminar Cooling for accurate temperature control of strip
  • WIDTH RANGE - 650 mm–1270 mm & COIL THICKNESS RANGE - 1.6mm - 25 mm.
  • Plate Thickness range – 20mm - 70 mm
  • MAX COIL WEIGHT - 21 tonnes
  • 2 Cut to Length (HRCTL) LINE
  • 1 Plate Finishing Line
  • Down Coiler with capacity of Hi-Strength Coiling of upto 25mm thickness.
  • Modernization of Electrical Control System


  • Push pull type pickling line
  • 4 Hi, Reversing mil
  • Hydraulic automatic gauge control system and flatness control
  • Roll balancing and bending facility
  • Quick work roll changing with side shifting
  • Zonal roll cooling for thermal crown control
  • Size Range 0.19mm x 1050mm
  • MILL SPEED : 750 MPM (Max)
COLD ROLLING MILL #2 (United Inc, Lloyds)
  • Additional feature is stressometer for better shape control
  • Size Range 0.25mm x 1250mm
  • MILL SPEED : 1200 MPM (Max)
  • Skin Pass Capability
  • Size Range : width 750 - 1250mm
  • Non-oxidising furnaces for strip cleaning
  • Followed by annealing and hot dip galvanising
  • Produces hard and soft galvanised coil.
Product Range
  • Galv Line #1 -0.32mm - 1.6mm
  • Galv Line #2 -0.21mm – 0.8mm
  • Width 700mm -1250mm
  • Both regular and minimised spangle
Cut to length Lines Corrugation Lines Roll Forming Line