About Us

Uttam Value Steels Limited (UVSL) can trace its history back to 1994 when it commenced operation and specialises in the production of high-grade hot-rolled and cold-rolled flat special steel. Together with its affiliated company, Uttam Galva Metallics Limited (UGML) which provides the hot metal requirements from its production facilities (Sinter plant, coke ovens and blast furnace) they from the – Wardha Steel Complex.

Wardha Steel Complex is a fully integrated steel plant that includes everything from iron production to flat-finish products and can produce value-added steel in small batch sizes to meet the needs of a diverse variety of engineering customers. Segments serviced include boilers and pressure vessels, material handling, transmission towers, industrial and mining machines, pre-engineered structures, and commercial vehicles are just a few of the areas where the steel is utilised.

Certifications held by the company include the C.E. marking (European Certificate), energy management system ISO 50001:2015, and a material testing lab certified to ISO 17025 for NABL.

Since 2010, Nithia has invested US $500 million in various resource assets around the world. In a single geography alone – India, a fledgling emerging market – we have invested US $300 million since 2019 in steelmaking assets. Nithia continues to invest several hundreds of millions of dollars in targeted investments from its deal flow pipeline.

Nithia is a global advisory and investment firm that specialises in turning around heavy asset-backed underperforming industries in steel, power, resources and allied industrials. We are solutions-driven, with the highest standards of professionalism and decades of experience focusing on building successful businesses yet investing in leaving a clean environment for the future. 

Nithia’s operations are global, with offices in Singapore, London, Mumbai and Dubai.