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Uttam Value Steels Limited
Uttam Value Steels Limited - Wardha
Quality Policy
Internal & External Customer Satisfaction Through Value Addition And Continued Targeted Improvement
Quality Control
Laboratory (Detailed)
Hot Rolled Product Process Control & Inspection
Process Control in CRM Complex
Inspection in CRM Complex (SGS & Internal)
  • An automated laboratory for analyzing in-process samples from the melt shop and caster within a few minutes.
  • 2 Spectrometers for Steel composition analysis
  • 1 Spectrometer for zinc analysis
  • LECO Carbon/Sulphur analyser
  • LECO Oxygen/Nitrogen analyser
  • LECO Hydrogen analyser
  • 3 nos universal Tensile Testing Machines of upto 100 tonnes for properties like yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation
  • Impact testing machine : Impact strength can be checked at minus 40 deg C to room temperature
  • Erichsen Cupping Test Machine check the limiting dome height and other cupping characteristics
  • Rockwell hardness testing machine
  • Brinel hardness testing machine
  • Study of microstructures are done on an image analysis system in a metallurgical microscope with magnification upto 1500X
  • Drop Weight Tear Testing machine

Laboratory (Detailed)

Universal Testing Machine – 20/40/100 T
Bending Cum Folding Machine
Rockwell Cum Superficial Hardness Tester
Vickers Hardness Tester
Brinel Hardness Tester
Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Portable Magnetic Flaw Detector
Erichsen Cupping Machine- Manual
Erichsen Cupping Machine – Hydraulic
Portable Hardness Tester (EQUOTIP)
Impact Testing Machine
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (0.1 - 200.0mm)
Module – R Tester
Metallurgical Microscope (X 1500)
Zoom Stereo Microscope (X 45)

Emission spectrometer for steel (19
Emission spectrometer for steel (24
Emission spectrometer for zinc
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Carbon- Sulphur analyzer
Oxygen- Nitrogen analyzer
Hydrogen analyser
Infrared optical pyrometer
(400-1600 deg C)
Surface roughness tester

Hot Rolled Product Process Control & Inspection
Raw Material
  • Scrap - Inspected at source by third party
  • Check Analysis /Supplier Test Certificate
  • DRI - Internally tested (Sample checked)
  • Ferro Alloys Supplier Test Certificate. Samples checked [all lots random basis]
  • Limestone / Lime Sample checked, analysed regularly
  • Other additions - sample checked


  • EAF /Ladle Sample
    Batch Chemistry [Checked for all heats]
    Temperature and oxygen level
    Ladle Sample 4-6 samples at intervals
    Temperature of liquid steel
  • Tundish Sample
    Chemistry (Elements and Gases)

Slab Quality

  • Dimensional check
  • Surface Quality – visual
  • Reconditioning by manual scarfing
  • Random slabs checked by QA based on steel grade & quality
  • Reheating Temperature
  • Rolling Temperature
  • Coiling Temperature
  • Coil- Gauge, Profile , Width
  • Visual inspection for HR coil

Laboratory Testing

  • Physical & mechanical testing
  • Frequency of test – As per requirement of relevant specifications and agreed technical delivery conditions (TDC)
  • Normally the tests are Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, percentage elongation,
  • Bend test, Charpy impact test, Sheet metal ductility test, Hardness test, Microstructure
  • Third party inspection, if required

HR Sheets/ Coils/Plates

  • Visual Inspection
  • Dimension
  • Mechanical Test

Process Control in CRM Complex
  • Acid Temperature
  • Acid Concentration
  • Iron Concentration in acid bath.

Cold Rolling

  • Roll Coolant parameters
  • Coil Surface
  • Coil Dimension


  • Furnace temperature
  • Zinc bath chemistry
  • Chromic acid parameters
  • Visual inspection of coil/sheet
  • Dimension of Coil/Sheet
  • Mechanical properties of coil/sheet

Inspection in CRM Complex (SGS & Internal)
Stage Parameter Measured Acceptance Critetria
HR Pickling Visual inspection for Visual Defects Reasonably free from all defects
Cold Rolling Physical inspection Dimensions
Visual inspection for Visual Defects
Reasonably free from all defects
CR Trimming Physical inspection Width
Raw Material Hi Grade Zinc, Chemical Characteristics Zn = 99.95 % Min.
Zinc Bath Chemistry Chemical Characteristics Different criteria for Normal spangle & Mini Spangle
Continuous Galvanizing Physical inspection
1]Zn coating,
2]Zn Adherence
3]Mech Prop.
4] hardness
5] Visual inspection for Visual Defects
6] Dimensional Characteristics
7] Anti Fluting Test

As per specification / TDC
As per specification / TDC
As per specification / TDC
As per specification / TDC
As per specification / TDC

As per specification / TDC

As per TDC
a) Coil
b) GP Sheet
c) GC Sheet
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